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Smallgoods List:

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Bulk Bacon

Rind on Middle Rashers 5kg
Rindless Middle Rashers 5kg
Rindless Shortcut Bacon 2.5kg
Budget Shortcut Bacon 1kg

Pre-Pack Bacon

Middle Rashers Rindless 7x250g

Leg Ham Boneless

Double Smoked Leg Ham Off The Bone
Soccerball Leg Ham - half
Honey Ham
Champagne Ham
Prager Ham

Ham Bone In

Leg Ham Bone In - full
leg Ham Bone In - half
Semi Boneless Easy Cut Ham
Tear Drop Shoulder Ham

Shoulder Ham

Shoulder 4X4 Ham
Hawaiian Hamsteak

Pre-pack slices

Shaved Double Smoked Leg Ham 100g x 8
Shaved Honey Ham 100g x 8
Shaved Mild Salami 80g x 8
Shaved Chicken 80g x 8
Sliced Prager Ham 1kg
Sliced Prager Ham 3kg

Smoked & Cured Pork

Oven Baked Roast Pork
Porketta (Seasoned Roast Pork)
Smoked Pork Hocks
Bacon Bones

Cooked Beef

Roast Beef
Rare Roast beef
Silverside - half
Silverside Eye Fillet

Chicken & Turkey Products

Chicken Breats Supreme 2.5kg
Square Chicken loaf 4kg
Chicken Roll 2kg
Turkey Breast Oven Roasted

Australian Smallgoods

Slim Franks bulk
Cocktail Franks R/W
American Skinless Franks 8" PRIMO
Saveloys Plastic Skin 5kg
Beef Brawn R/W
Devon 3kg

Australian Pre-Packs

Chicken roll 250gm
Slim Franks 500gm
Cocktail Franks 500gm

Continental Smallgoods

Cabanossi 2.5kg
Cabanossi 1kg
Polish Salami 2kg
Berliner Fleishwurst 2kg
Beef Brawn
Horse Shoe Black Pudding

Continental Pre-Packs

Cabanossi 250g
Polish Salami 500g
Strassburg 500g
Chorizo 250gm
Kranski 250g
Mortadella 500gm


Danish Salami Approx. 2kg
Hot Spanish Approx. 2kg
Pepperoni Salami
Hot Hungarian Salami
White Hungarian Salami
Veneto Salami
Calabrese Salami
Chilli Pepper Salami
Mild Twiggy 1kg (15cm)
Hot & Spicy Twiggy 1kg (5cm)

Salami Pre-Pack

Pepperoni Salami 200g
Danish Salami 200g

Italian Varieties

Mortadella 3kg
Hot Pancetta
Hot Coppa
Prosciutto Parma
Italian Bratwurst Sausages

Pizza Toppings

Shredded Ham 3kg
Sliced Cabanossi 3kg
Sliced Pepperoni Salami 3kg
Diced Bacon Rindless 3kg
Continental Specialties

Kransky 2kg
Cheese Kransky
Continental Franks

Pulled Meats

Pulled Pork 1kg
Pulled Beef 1kg
Pulled Chicken 1kg

This is only an indicative products list. There are many more products available.
Contact us to find out what else we can supply you with.

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