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Fruit Juices and Drinks:
Mulwaree Foods are now stocking
Macquarie Valley and Orchy
Fruit Juices.

The Macquarie Valley brand is a well recognised and trusted juice that has been gracing fridge shelves across the eastern states of Australia for nearly 40 years.
Macquarie Valley orange juice was originally sourced from the Macquarie Valley in Western NSW. Ingredients for our premium orange are still sourced from the same location. The juices are no nonsense and big on flavour and quality.

Orchy is the First Australian Chilled Orange Juice.
Fresh as the morning sun and Australian as Christmas in summer!
Orchy fruit juice has been sold in Australia for over 50 years and was the first chilled juice sold in Australia.
The Orchy brand covers a range of Fresh, Preservative Free and Catering products. And don't forget our delicious Premium Orchy Smoothie!
Available in a range of sizes from pop-tops to suit children to larger bulk bottles.

100% Australian owned

Long shelf life chilled juice

Serving Australia since 1972

School favourites

Code Size Product description
J1100 96x110ml No Added Sugar Juice Cups - Orange, Apple, Apple&Blackcurrent, Pineapple
J2001 10x200ml Pop Top Premium Orange Juice
J2004 10x200ml Pop Top 100% Juice - Apple, Orange, Apple&Blackcurrent, Orange&Passionfruit, Pineapple
J2006 10x200ml Pop Top drink - Orange&Mango 35%, Orange&Passionfruit 25%
J3500 10x350ml Long Life Juice Range - Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato
J3751 8 x 375ml Pop Top Premium Orange Juice
J3754 8 x 375ml Pop Top 100% Juice - Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Orange&Passionfruit
J3756 8 x 375ml Flat Top Drink - Orange 35%, Orange&Mango 35%, Orange&Passionfruit 25%
J5001 8 x 500ml Flat Top Premium Orange Juice
J5004 8 x 500ml Flat top 100% Juice - Apple, Pineapple, Orange&Mango, Orange&Passionfruit
J5006 8 x 500ml Pop top Orange Juice Pulpless 100%
J5008 8 x 500ml Flat Top drink - Orange 35%, Orange&Mango 35%, Orange&Passionfruit 25%
J10001 6 x 1Litre Premium Orange Juice
J10004 6 x 1Litre No Added Sugar Orange Juice Pulpless
J20001 6 x 2Litre Premium Orange Juice
J20003 6 x 2Litre No Added Sugar Juice - Apple, Orange, Pineapple
J20005 6 x 2Litre Drink - Orange 35%, Orange&Mango 35%, Orange&Passionfruit 25%
J30001 4 x 3Litre Orange Juice Pulpless

Premium Orange Fruit Drinks Long Life Range

Dilmah Real fresh Iced Tea 350ml range

Description: Following years of experimenting with different combinations, The Dilmah Real Fresh Iced Tea Range made its debut in Australia introducing three tantalizing flavours namely Lemon & Lime, Peach & Pear along with Honey & Ginger.

Brand: Dilmah

Packaging: 12 x 350ml

Lemon & Lime
Peach & Pear
Honey & Ginger

Meridian Spring Water 600ml

Description: This sparkling Water is extracted from a pristine spring on a large holding of farmland in the high ranges of the Southern Highlands of N.S.W near Mittagong and it's bottled for your convenience in 600ml size bottles.

Brand: Meridian

Packaging: 12 x 600ml

Meridian Spring Water 600ml

Tru Blu Spring Water 1.5lt

Description: Tru Blu water is also sourced from the same pristine natural spring situated in the Southern Highlands of NSW and bottled by Meridian in 1.5litre size bottles.

Brand: Meridian

Packaging: 6 x 1.5 litre

Tru Blu Spring Water 1.5 litre

Mulwaree Foods Distributors
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